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To qualify for a payment, you must fill out the appropriate Claim Form demonstrating the Damage to your shingles, and attach all of the documentation it requests. Use the Standard Claim Form unless you are eligible to use the Abbreviated Claim Form. To determine whether you are eligible to use the Abbreviated Claim Form click here.

You can obtain a copy of either Claim Form by calling 1-888-898-4111 or by clicking here.

  1. All questions must be answered. Please type or print your responses in ink. Use “N/A” when the question does not apply. You must respond to any request for additional information; if you fail to respond, your claim may not be processed, and you will forfeit important rights. The more complete the Claim Form, the more quickly your claim can be processed.

  2. Send your claim form to the following address:

    CertainTeed Organic Claims Settlement Administrator
    1508 Delp Drive
    P.O. Box 5555
    Harleysville, PA 19438

  3. Please keep a personal copy of the Claim Form and all enclosures. Do not submit your only copy of the supporting documents. Materials submitted will not be returned. All copies of documentation submitted in support of this claim should be clear, legible, and complete.

  4. Please note that in the spaces that request your "claim number," you should provide your CertainTeed Warranty Claim Number or File Number, if you know it. If you do not know your claim/file number, you may leave those spaces blank.

  5. If you are using the Standard Claim Form, please submit as many color photographs as necessary to support your claim. Due to computer security reasons, submissions may not be accepted via email. Paper copies must be photo-quality color pictures; do not submit black-and-white photocopies. Photographs may also be submitted on CD or DVD labeled with your claim number.

  6. If you are using the Standard Claim Form, place the completed Claim Form, and all the photographs and other supporting documentation, together in an envelope so they do not become damaged or lost. Then place both the envelope and shingle sample together in one (1) box, seal and send the box to the following address listed above:

  7. How to take a sample:
  8. If you are able to submit a shingle sample, please:

    • Have a professional carefully remove a full shingle from the roof of the property, which clearly demonstrates the condition of the shingles. Shingles of the same or similar design must be installed immediately to replace the removed sample in order to prevent serious leakage.

    • Label your shingle sample with your name and address.

    • Pack and ship the shingle as directed in the shingle sample package instructions below. The shingle sample must be shipped FLAT to insure proper evaluation. All shingle samples submitted become the property of CertainTeed Corporation and are not returnable.

  9. Shingle Sample Packing Instructions:
  10. To insure a proper and timely evaluation of your claim, the manner in which your shingle sample is packaged and shipped to the Claims Administrator is very important. The applied and complete shingle sample must be shipped flat (do NOT fold, cut or roll up the shingle).

    To make and ship a shingle box:

    • Obtain 1 or 2 large cardboard boxes, (commonly available at department or grocery stores), and cut down the sides of the box.

    • Place the sample in the center and cut away the excess cardboard. "Sandwich" the sample between the two pieces of cardboard. The finished pieces should be around 12 1/2" x 37" (for English size shingles), 14" x 40" (for Metric size shingles) and 18 1/2" x 37" (for oversize shingles).

    • Include the completed CertainTeed Organic Shingle Class Action Settlement Claim Form, photographs, and other documentation in a separate envelope and place in the package with the shingles.

    • Tape securely around the entire circumference of the box with duct or packaging tape and address the box to:
      CertainTeed Organic Claims Settlement Administrator
      1508 Delp Drive
      P.O. Box 5555
      Harleysville, PA 19438

    • We recommend shipping insured USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS (United Parcel Service), FedEx (Federal Express) or another traceable and insured carrier.


You can download and print a Claim Form from the Case Documents tab. If you would like us to mail you a Claim Form, please register below: